12 Facts About The Native Peoples Of The United States

Much has been said about the indigenous civilizations of Latin America, but little is known about the native peoples of the United States. We encourage you to learn more about them with 12 incredible data!

  1. The Nazis considered the native peoples of the United States part of the Aryan race. In fact, Hitler felt great sympathy for the Native Americans, since, as he told Albert Speer when he was in a difficult time he sought inspiration in Karl May’s books, which they portrayed in a very nice way to these towns.
  2. The poorest place in the US It’s Allen, in South Dakota. There, 96% of its inhabitants are Native Americans, and their average income is $ 0.
  3. Some US zoos they keep the feathers that come off many of their birds and are sent to the Native American tribes, to be used when celebrating their religious ceremonies.
  4. Native Americans, belonging to the Mohawk tribe, were used as workers in the construction of skyscrapers, as it was believed that they were not afraid of heights. The truth is that they were afraid, but, because of their culture, they did not show it openly.
  5. Contrary to popular belief, according to the 1995 census, most American Indians prefer the term “Indian”over “Native American” to refer to them.
  6. Some people native to the United States have a different enzyme that causes them to be more likely to fall into alcoholism.
  7. The native Cherokee had slaves, some of whom were even forced to make “the path of tears” with their owners. Their descendants were legally recognized as members of the tribe until 2007, when a constitutional amendment, which imposed as an indispensable requirement to have Cherokee blood to be a member of the tribe, expelled thousands of them.
  8. The Yuki language in California is based on an octal system (8) because the natives count the spaces between their fingersinstead of the fingers themselves.
  9. In the 50s and 60s, the US government detached several native children from their parents for adoption, with the aim of assimilating the “white culture.” Terrible.
  10. Certain Native American tribes recognize a third genderseparate from male and female. It is a boy whose body manifests two spirits, one male and one female.
  11. Alexander Graham Bell – will ring you for being the inventor of the telephone – was the honorary head of the Mohawks. Why? This privilege was awarded as a result of his work in learning, documenting and translating his language into sign language.

This appointment meant that Alexander Graham Bell wore traditional Mohawk clothes and participated in the celebration. A really fascinating episode!

  1. The Cherokee language does not contain the sounds “Che”, “Ro” or “Kee”, in fact, the native word they use to refer to themselves is Tsalagi.