The Pai Gow is a very simple game to learn. Normally, it is played with a set of 32 Chinese dominoes, a dealer and seven players, although it can be played with a single player against the dealer. The 3win2u poker variant allows you to replace dominoes with a deck of 52 cards and a wild card, allowing a greater range of possibilities and is played with six players instead of seven at

The dealer places seven piles of seven cards each on the table, and the six players choose a lot and bet on it. The last pile belongs to the dealer. The players then divide their seven cards into two hands, one of two cards and one of five, known as the front hand and the backhand. The first is the one with the lowest value, while the second is the one with the highest value. To win, both the front and the rear hands must be greater than those of the dealer. If only one of the hands is older, a “push” occurs, which is when the money is returned to the player. However, in the unlikely event of a tie between both hands, the dealer wins.

The score of each hand is calculated as if it were an Omaha Poker hand and a Texas Hold’em hand, although these rules may change depending on the casino. The wild card works like a card to complete a Ladder or a Color. If no combination can be made, then it is considered as an Ace.

Each player competes against the dealer and not among them so that although the selection of heaps affects the game, each game is between who bets and the dealer.

Betting and Winning

The casino game Pai Gow Poker, being a very simple game, does not allow many types of bets. Normal is a 1: 1 win, where the player receives twice what he bets. It can only be won when each individual hand beats those of the dealer, although the standard version allows a large complex series of possible outcomes for victory.

Many casinos take a commission of 5%. Although this may seem like a very large amount, it is not won or lost so frequently in the Pai Gow Poker, because many of the results can end up in “push “, so that the player receives his money back.

Betting Opportunities 

This type of game allows a greater strategy over games of chance, such as slot machines, roulette or craps; Hence the similarity to poker, although it is a simpler system. Although the dealer has a small advantage over the player, so that all draw result in the house taking everything, this event is unlikely. This makes the casino game Pai Gow Poker a casual game, and one of the fairest for the player among all games of chance.